MD’s Message

Few Words about the MD

Managing Director Fawzia Begum Binti A.A Mohammed Mohiadeen (4th generation) came from the family of well known paper trade and industry family in Malaysia.

In 1892 A M N Abdul Hamid & Abdul Wahab & Co. was established by the great grandfather name Naina Mohammed 1st generation.( Aali Maideen Shah Naina Mohd pioneer for paper industry in Malaya ) A M N Abdul Hamid & Abdul Wahab & Co was located at Penang in Malaya.

2nd generation Abdul Hamid (Sibling of Abdul Majeed) also worked in Penang.

3rd generation Tuan Haji A. A. Mohammed Mohiadeen worked with grandfather concern since 1955 to 1977. It has 4 branches Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.

In 1977 Late Haji A. A. Mohammed Mohiadeen Bin Abdul Majeed established Anar Paper Boards & Co. at Salak South Garden Kuala Lumpur.

4th generation Fawzia Begum Binti A. A. Mohd Mohiadeen joined in 1985. Under father & daughter supervision the business was expanded all over Malaysia including East Malaysia , Sabah & Sarawak. In year 2006 April 23 while going to business trip to Sabah Tuan Haji A. A Mohd Mohiadeen he had passed away at Lahad Datu ,Sabah.

In 2006, Anar Paper Co. Sdn Bhd has been taken over by Fawzia Begum. Since then the business expanded from local to overseas export market.

Currently the business being trained to the 5th generation Faizul Arafat. Under mother & son management focusing on corporate level and international standard level. Under the supervision of Fawzia Begum,Faizul Arafat has explored most of the international market.

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